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Founded in 1927, Deutsche Pentosin-Werke GmbH is globally recognized as a leader in the field of technical fluids for the automotive industry.

With distribution in over 60 countries, Pentosin fluids meet the demanding OE standards of many of the world's finest automobile manufacturers. In fact, Pentosin is approved and recommended for initial fill (OEM) and service refill (OES) by over 25 international automotive manufacturers.

CRP has been Pentosin's NAFTA partner since 1983, providing all sales and service in North America. The complete Pentosin program from CRP includes antifreeze, brake and hydraulic fluids, motor oil, and transmission fluids.

Pentosin maintains its solid market status through a combination of a commitment to research and development and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Quality control and certification is integral to the Pentosin process - another reason why CRP offers this complete line of fluids.

For many service technicians, Pentosin is the go-to brand for everything from high-tech central hydraulic fluids offering reliable performance under extreme temperatures to low viscosity brake fluids ideal for use in today's modern ABS systems. And everything in between. So whether it's the first fill or last - Pentosin is the clear choice.

To learn more about Pentosin from CRP Automotive, visit Or better yet, call and speak with a CRP representative today.

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